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Studenthelpline - BIGGEST SCAM OF THE INDUSTRY - Company is doing all paid promotion to fool students into scam


Studenthelpline is the most scam-ridden website we came across in our research, they deliver low quality work to to students in every country. They are doing paid promotion, fake google business page with fake address. We want to put this website on high red alert.  


Pros & Cons.

Studenthelpline SCAM WE HAVE UNFOLDED – Scamming Students of all countries through Fake google business address with fake self promoting reviews and posts on Linkedln and other paid posts on different high authority websites.

You are saved, when you even after looking their spammy fake reviews on gmb or top 5 or top10 list, still thought of checking review. Many unaware students, have directly placed order and have become victim to this service. We see no pros, only cons in research for studenthelpline.

  • After you place order, they deliver low quality work or They dont deliver anything at all
  • They dont have refund policy
  • They threaten to contact university 

Prices and discounts

studenthelpline most clients are from paid press release, if you see all those press release or posts, it says in the end as disclaimer that it is a sponsored post.

They pay to get their own top 5, top 10 list. Which gets ranked  or google business page with fake address and immediately get ranks on google and students are fooled. Students place order online and receive poor quality work. When students asks for refund, they threaten to contact university.

Services Quality


This company is a group of fraudsters that came together to creat a web page to defraud unsuspecting students. They can’t help you in any way with your assignment. They claim to have experts but they are just a bunch of Indians out to rip you off your money. They have changed their Instagram ID to “help assignment official” from “the student helpline” but if you scroll down to the bottom of their posts, you will still see memes with The student helpline. Any positive reviews you get here on them was written by one of their accomplices. If you doubt my review, ask them for a sample work and you will see yourself fail woefully. Run for your life!!!!

 Kene Chinwuba says on company trustpilot page. 

Customer Support

They have a money-back guarantee if they cannot achieve good marks, but they never give you back the money. So don’t trust them.

Reviews from trustpilot page about customer support :
“One of my friends used this service and sadly failed the subject by paying the most expensive package. Still, they didn’t give my friend back the money too.”


“Frauds, Rogues Money back guarantee is a big lie. these people will never complete ur work nor will give ur money . im suffering with this people since last 6 months. They agreed to give work in 15 days as of now it is 6 months they are not given work nor the money. The management is bogus. All their mail ids are fake even tough u raise compliant there will be no response. Once they get money will not lift ur calls nor reply to ur mails they dont respond to u . this type of fake oragnisations are ver hamful for students. The action to be taken it should be closed. Otherwise still many people will suffer with this type of fraud organisations”


STUDENTHELPLINE does all false claims. This company is the BIGGEST SCAM OF ACADEMIC WRITING INDUSTRY. Fooling students from around the world under different names:

Please visit trustpilot page, to get their latest fraud reports :


In our research we found :

Scamming students from various countries through fake Google business addresses and sponsored posts.
Delivery of low-quality work or non-delivery of ordered services.
Lack of a refund policy.
Threats to contact universities if customers request refunds.
Suspected manipulation of online rankings through sponsored posts and fake addresses.
Poor customer support with unfulfilled money-back guarantees.
Numerous negative reviews and allegations of fraudulent practices.


To save students from such frauds, we started this initiative and started doing thorough research.

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